The Anson Community

Located slightly northwest of Indianapolis lies a planned community in Indiana called Anson. Anson is a 1,700-acre neighborhood that was planned for residential, commercial and civic purposes. Its goal is to provide residents with a modern living environment that will allow them to lead healthy and successful lives. The master-planners of this community feel proud that Anson will provide thousands of new jobs to its residents, stimulating the economy and fostering cooperative relationships between education, government and the community. This Boone County destination strives to preserve the culture and traditions of central Indiana while giving people the opportunity to pursue more sustainable and enriching lifestyles.

One of Anson’s most distinguishing features is the abundance of open green spaces with lots of parks and gathering places for the benefit of the community. Other special features of Anson are that it encourages recycling and conservation, it embraces the area’s rural heritage as demonstrated in the town’s architecture, it offers educational enrichment programs at all levels, it encourages healthy and active lifestyles with several fitness centers and outdoor trails, and lastly, it provides its residents with cultural opportunities in the spheres of art and music. Anson is a place where people can connect to their surroundings and, most importantly, to one another.



Posted By: Jeremy Page

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