Boone County Indiana

Located in the heart of Indiana, Boone County is a place where people can experience a relaxing lifestyle filled with culture, history, the arts, and friendly people. Established in 1831, Boone County has a population of approximately 50,000 residents and is growing as businesses establish themselves in the area because of its proximity to major interstate highways and large nearby cities like Indianapolis and Lafayette. With above average household income and a relatively low average home price, Boone County is an area where people can take advantage of everything the county has to offer without emptying out their wallets. In fact, Boone County was ranked #15 in The Progressive Farmer’s “Best Places to Live in Rural America 2008.”

A community booming with art, shopping, golf, dining and more, Boone County satisfies the individual seeking stunning landscapes, peaceful farmlands, small friendly towns, and quaint historic villages. Boasting four top-quality school districts, the county is also a great place to raise a family. An illustration of Boone County’s unique cultural experience is the partnership between the Zionsville Arts Initiative and local Zionsville galleries. Together, they have created a program called First Friday Gallery Walks, a free art tour and reception at participating galleries along Main Street during the warmer months of the year. Typically, the galleries will host special events on these Fridays and will feature special exhibits, making Zionsville an exciting place to celebrate the arts on First Friday evenings.



Posted By: Jeremy Page

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